Running endurance adaptations in humans?

much of it is from the time humans split from apes

apes went in the forests, humans on the steppe
apes kept their tail and 4 hands to climb in the trees
humans are bipedal, standing upright makes them able to look above the high grasses

endurance is indeed a human speciality
most animals outrun humans, but few will run a marathon

and then there is this :

Elite endurance runners[edit]

Possible patterns between Y-chromosome and elite endurance runners were studied in an attempt to find a genetic explanation to the Ethiopian endurance running success. Given the superiority of East African athletes in international distance running over the past four decades, it has been speculated that they are genetically advantaged. Elite marathon runners from Ethiopia were analysed for K*(xP) which according to the previously published Ethiopian studies is attributable to the haplogroup T[301] and specifically to the T1a1a* (old T1a*) subclade, according to further studies.[4] T1a1a* was found to be proportionately more frequent in the elite marathon runners sample than in the control samples than any other haplogroup, therefore this y-chromosome could play a significant role in determining Ethiopian endurance running success. Haplogroup T1a1a* was found in 14% of the elite marathon runners sample of whom 43% of this sample are from Arsi province. In addition, haplogroup T1a1a* was found in only 4% of the Ethiopian control sample and only 1% of the Arsi province control sample. T1a1a* is positively associated with aspects of endurance running, whereas E1b1b1 (old E3b1) is negatively associated.[302]
Hunter gatherer people in South Africa such as the San people use persistence hunting to kill their prey. They pursue the animal for endless miles until it is completely exhausted and unable to escape nor fight. It seems as if bipedalism made us worse sprinters but gave us much greater endurance.

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