Russia's ambassador to Turkey assasinated


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"The gunman, wearing a dark suit and tie, was seen in video footage of the assault shouting in Arabic: “God is great! Those who pledged allegiance to Muhammad for jihad. God is great!”Then he switched to Turkish and shouted: “Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria! Step back! Step back! Only death can take me from here.”
Turkish officials said that the gunman was killed after a shootout with Turkish Special Forces police. The assailant’s identity was not immediately known."
it happened in Turkey
we'll never know the truth
but tomorrow the Turkish papers controlled by Erdogan will bring you the full story they want you to believe
Still, you got to admire his will to die without questions to achieve his goals.
He was just a soldier after all.
Brainwashed young men dying for old men's propaganda and wars...just like the whole generation of young men that died in World War I, started by another young fanatic. What good did it do? Twenty years later Europe was at war again.

This isn't a good way to create lasting change for the better.
True, but nevertheless. He did his part even paying with his life while the shame is on these old people you mentioned.
As I mentioned before it is our instinct to sacrifice our lives for our tribe and beliefs, especially as young people.
This assassin might as well have been a courageous and dedicated man, killing ambassad as a symbol of occupier, hurting Putin and russian pride. He didn't kill hundreds of Russian civilians like normal terrorists would do. This usually is the specialty of criminals and psychopaths who are sick of life and will take as many civilians as possible on their way to heaven.

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