Saudis and Terrorism: Cross Cultural Views


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Saudis and Terrorism: Cross Cultural Views

Whenever we read contemporary books or watch TV or listen to the radio, we realize that certain issues dominate the international arena. Of these issues is the phenomenon of terrorism and Saudi Arabia link to it.
One of the recently released books that tackles this issue is, Saudis and Terrorism: Cross Cultural Views, which discusses a number of vital themes like:

1- The Capricious Western Concept of terrorism.
2- Islam and Terrorism: Never the Twain can meet.
3- Wahhabism.
4- Al-Qaeda.
5- The Western and Israeli media coverage of Saudi Arabia?fs dealing with terrorism.
6- Western extremist organizations fuels clashes with others.

This book is a call for resorting to rationality in dealing with events and developments and being fair when looking at cultures and civilizations and dealing with other people.

Visiting the book website would give more details

Saudis and Terrorism?cA Book that Addresses the World's Conscience
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