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I had my wife's uncle tested at FTDNA with 37 markers. He has only two matches (0 steps) at 12 markers and the surnames are very similar to his. We are still waiting for his backbone SNP test to complete but I entered his markers at a site that predicts haplogroup and it came out G2a. So I was wondering if there was something about the G2a haplogroup that perhaps has rare values for the first 12 markers? At 25 markers he has three matches all at 2 steps and the surnames are all different and at 37 markers he has an additional three matches at between 3 and 4 steps with different surnames. I myself am R1b and tested to 67 markers and have over 500 matches at 12 markers although none of them at 0 steps and none with the surname even close resemblance.
any know info on G2a3b1 in the eastern alps as part of the raetia people. I was reading that all G2a3b1 and G2a3a1 originated in Abkhazia ( circassian people ), the 3b1 went along the Danube river and the 3a1 went to Greece.
The 3b1 is found in Britain apparently

My interest is due to my marker also coming from these areas and was trying to find a link somehow

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