Sudan Turmoil


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Started on the 15th of December, the unrest in Sudan seems to finalize with dialogue calls from Ban Ki-Mun and Jen Psaki to Salva Kiir and Riek Machar. The unrest said to be started by the former deputy Riek Machar which belongs to Nuer ethnic group whereas president Silva belongs to Dinka. Following the referandum in South Sudan the country divided into two while North became Republic of Sudan. Abyei region which has rich oil resources in the middle of the two countries however remain as the cause of the possible future conflicts.

Kiir and Machar represent two big ethnic entities in South Sudan. Especially following the independence of Sudan in 2011 the tensions increased after Kiir's accusing of Machar to prepare a coup d'etat against his government.

During this time again many innocent civilians their life because of the conflict, only in the capital Juba many people left the city. The oil-rich country now struggling with inner ethnic problems.

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