The Bronze Age onset was another collapse


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We know of the 'Bronze Age collapse', this is, the end of the Bronze Age in Western Eurasia, where a lot of towns seem to have become uninhabited.

But for some reason, in this forum, we don't consider the onset of the BA also a collapse.
On the contrary, it's a story of heroes conquering all the land.

We know that all the Y-DNA variation of Europe was greatly reduced to the point that whole (current) nation-states left ONLY 1 male passing his DNA to his immediate descendants.
There's an R1b-DF27 in Spain, another R1b-L21 in Britain, in Greece they were luckier with 4 surviving lineages (I2a1b, R1b-Z2103, E-V13 and J2b-L283), R1b-U106 in Germany, R1b-U152 in France, I1 in Sweden, R1a-L664 in Denmark, R1a-Z283 in the steppe and N in Finland.

That's just 12 men for ALL OF EUROPE

I don't think you can have a population boom as you envision this event to be, while everybody is dying out.
A bankrupt, monopolized cashcrop and resources economy, with a dwindling and childless rural population; while foreign oligarchs start pouring in (as it is today) is more plausible.

How I imagine this, is massive rural depopulation with only 1 'city' preserving a significant population for every tribe.

Stonehenge for L21, El Argar for DF27...
And only a handful of closely related lords in the countryside...
And only them and their harems of local women, had the children and concentrated the resources.

And after the worst times of scarcity were over, the haplogroups kept "expanding" in bottlenecks where "1st passed the post" for several millenia.

There was no boom, the Bronze Age birth, is also a Bronze Age collapse.

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