The effect and the population of religions after WW2


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I found this on internet,

I agree that most people of planet today are atheists,
or money worshipers, or self identified, etc etc

but the effect and population of major religions, have affection to the lives, and thinking of people, as also the climate, global culture etc etc.

crisis of '78 seems to affect a lot
I think it is the rate of birth,

most muslim immigrants here do not stop until 5-6 children are born per marriage.
immigrant muslim brides usually are 16 years old, and there is a problem with law,
there was a case here at my city with a 14 year old immigrant girl, promised by her parents and 'bought' by a 28 old man,
who ended temporary in prison, cause of girls age, (18 is the law, 16 is for exceptions) (under 16 is consider paedophilia, bellow age 12 14 16, are the ages of tottaly forbiden to annex under conditions, 18 is by law the own-personal will accepted)
and the girl moved to a social public structure until 18, away from her family.

But local Muslims are typically as Europeans to 1-3 children max.
marriage after 18. school and university educated etc.
I think it has to do with the continent and state.
Albanians who came at 1990's all had 4-7 brothers and sisters,
after 1 generation they all have the typical European 1-3 children.

Generally Europe, which was the main Christian area, is aged enough, birth rate is very low by Europeans,
South West Asia, and North Africa, which was the main Islamic area is the oposite,

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