Genetic study The Genetic Origin of the Indo-Europeans

The proto-Iranians emerged in the Andronovo culture which covered a vast area from central Siberia down to central Asia. What you claim only proves that these early Iranians expanded into what is present-day Iran very early on, not that they originated in Iran. The Scythians and Cimmerians were much more representative of those early Iranian peoples and they were from the steppe.
These inscriptions date back to hundreds years before the formation of Andronovo culture.
In Persian ab from proto-Indo-European *h₂ep- means "water" which is the same as the Sumerian word for water, but in Hittite there is watar which could be related to Proto-Uralic *wete "water".
If so, only one of hypothesis A or C is possible, isn't it?

NOT "one of hypothesis A or C", BUT "one of hypothesis A EAST or A-WEST"
@Olympus Mons

Do we know where the painting of the deceased in red ochre stems from?

I have seen red ochre even in Paleolithic Cyclades. But they should consider it was used as body paint. There are neolithic figurines with red painted patterns. I assume scholars think they were decorative but in my opinion they may point to the use of body paint.

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