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The Mediaeval Baebes

I must mention this wonderful vocal group. They take medaeival songs and give them new music, usually because the old music has vanished into the mists of time, and they sound wonderful. They also do new pieces and give them that mediaeval sound. An all female group that has changed over time they have about 5 or six albums currently out. What I really like about them is the English songs they sing from the 12th to 13th century and the way that English was spoken and written from that time. Latin and even an old French song can be heard on their albums.
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Would it be possible to receive a link to a website about them? Better yet if it has a sample of their music!
Why don't you just say you like the girls, instead of telling us how you "love their music" ?? :D :p :hihi:
You are right Mycernius, and they are still going strong. I only came across them a few years ago when they did some music for the tv series "Elizabeth the Virgin Queen"...brilliant. :)

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