The oldest truly modern Human remains Israel 95,000-115,000ybp

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The Skhul and Qafzeh remains in Isreal have the oldest Truley modern Human remain. It is a skull of a boy about 13 years old called Qafzeh 11.

It is the only one that i could find image of that was Modern Human. The others like these

Have obvious archic features like "Neanderthals" that don't exist in modern Humans. I don't know the whole history if they were buried together just check the link i had up there.

Here is Qafzeh 12 and 9 and buried on same spot around the same time with Qafzeh 11

There is no doubt that Qafzeh 9 is modern Human. And it is the oldest modern Human remain. That is all i can say i don't know what relationship he had with the remains that are more archaic and what that shows about Human history. I cant go on it but i actulley do know some stuff about skull shape of archaic and modern humans and between different human races. This shows the presence of modern Humans in Israel 95,000-115,000ybp. I get sick of the recent out of Africa dates like 60,000ybp no way in heck are they true in my opinion. The age estimates for mainly Y DNA i think are way to young. The mtDNA and Y DNA age differences don't connect one of them are to young or to old. Something else people need to understand about Human migration is that Mongliods and Oceania go back to the same family so the same migration. Click here. So when People like Spencer wells at Geno 2,0 romantice about the black looking Oceania people being the first out of Africa. He needs to realize they came with the slanted eyed asians ancestors. Also In y DNa and mtDNa that would also mean they came with Caucasians ancestors so really they were not the first out of Africa they were the first out of the mid east and they include Mongliods. Humans in my opinion settled out of Africa and in North Africa over 100,000ybp and i think Qafzeh 11 is evidence.

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