The Speciation of "Caucasian/oid" Homo S. - Timeline and Context


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I am the hardest-core anti-racialist possible, I shall state before hand. I simply am interested in things, no matter if "unsettling" or "incorrect"...

SO: What has modern genetic science revealed about the anthropogenetic appearance of what we know as "Caucasoid" Homo Sapiens (S. S.?)...?

Independent development into the same general morphological type, generally around northern Syria ("Eden"?), Iran, Armenia, Trans-Caucasian regions, sub-arctic palaeo-Siberia, Altaic Central Asia, etc., - does this fit the picture?

Caucasoid Homo Sapiens is defined, according to anthropologists, by what criteria? "Sapienization" and "cephalization"? Please keep in mind, I am objective as arctic ice here and have personally punched neo-Nazi scums in quarrels in my past. I simply am interested in history and human life.

Another ambiguous term introduced is "Europid" - I find this term utterly moronic as a descriptor of "Western-Eurasian" physical anthropology.

Every darn "Europid" originated in Iranian and Altaic Central Asia and other "Hither-Asian" regions... Before Germans were "Europid", Germans existed as a sub-tribe of the Persians - and to call fair-complexioned Persians with shining blue eyes in the center of Asia, "Europid", is utterly idiotic...

What terminology is appropriate here? What terms are interchangeable? One anthropologist has claimed Caucasoid exclusively derives as a blood-stock from the Atlantic Cro-Magnons - I cannot accept this thesis... Eurocentrism here...

And what shall we call the Y-DNA Q/R "Native Americans" whose blood and even anthropological and cranial metrics exist in the interstitial realm of legend and avaunt-guard science...?

Kennewick Man was what...a "paleo-Caucasoid"...? I care not for political correctness. I believe modern genetics has crushed any validity to anything like an evil Hitlerian Racialism, eternally. Humankind is simply too vastly complex.

Numerous classes or estates of certain Native American and South American stocks, gracilized and brain-case, high and noble, indistinguishable from Mediterranean or Southern European people, the colonizers of America testify to abundantly. The DNA reveals complete anomaly of origins. The closest usually is Altaic-Siberian, here and there Turkic and even Slavonic, interconnections. Phoenician, perhaps Israelite and Norsemen of Viking mien and visage seem to have played a role in American civilizations once believed purely "Mongolian"... There are mysterious here worth unpacking...

Please find a good picture of a nice Uzbek or Uyghur woman. The form is not within the current classification paradigm. They are beautiful, and their blood is semi-Sumerian and indecipherable: these supra-Causaoid seem to be remnants of older cycles of humankind. Scour and find in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc., these mystery-folks - these finely formed types are neither Nordic nor Levantine, but "other" - what is the term for these types?

The so-called "Melungeons", they must be part of the riddle here... Likewise, legendary "homeland of white people", of paleo-Gaulish/Gaelic race, situated near the Gulf of St. Lawrence, those "wabeya" (literally, white) mysterious folk so ethnically and linguistically connected to the the Alqonquians of North America - where does one begin? I am dizzying myself...

Anyway: WHEN and IN WHAT HAPLOGROUPS do scientists theorize "pre-Caucasian/ur-Caucasoid" man first appeared...? Anyone know...?

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