Top favorite museums and galleries you have visited


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Just off the top of my head, some of the ones that stick out the most from my travels:

Galleria Borghese
Rome, Italy

Natural History Museum
London, England

Neues Museum
Berlin, Germany

Island of Delos
Delos, Greece

I have yet to see the Louvre, but we plan on visiting Paris in the near future. Especially now that our Egyptian trip is probably going to be tabled for the next 20 years due to conflict in the region.

For U.S. museums, I really love the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you visit NYC, if there's anything you do, visit the Met Art museum, it is really a wonderful place, and it is free, with optional donation. My wife and I are patrons for that and the Opera House. Which gets use exclusive access to the museum after hours for drinks, horderves, special tours and events. I can't think of a better way to spend my time.
The Vatican Museums take some beating.

The vast number of tourists and the attempt at crowd control are a problem, however.
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