What is your thoughts on SRY2627?


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I went to my FTDNA page they have a new map of SRY2627 it is small clusters all over the place looked like a case of the pox. What would cause such wide spread distribution but in small numbers. I know my family came from SW France. Who Are We?
If you call it M167, you may find different stuff. L165 seems to be its near kin, so that one also needs looking at -- before making wild guesses about the Ice Age, the Great Flood, or something else totally too early, under L176.2.

I'm trying to work down the other main branch of Z196, where the N/S Cluster is still lurking just out of sight -- and eventually one comes to Z278, enroute downstream to M153. The latter is the only other Z196 subclade that has known its terminal SNP for several years. Some of this may get sorted fairly soon; the first available tests at FTDNA for new SNPs in this line were in Batch 454, which is now cooking.

Did you (Brousse) notice that I took a stab at translating your ancestors' Huguenot wedding announcement? Per your request, on that other thread.
Razyn That spread sheet at FTDNA sure looks Celtic to me or at least we travled with the Celts
Victory!!!!!!!!! My first non surname 12 marker matches in 12 years!!!!!!!!!! both are French one just has P312 as haplogroup the other U106 the names are Laroche/ Tatard For 12 long years all my matches have been surname matches and documented American cousins I don't guess I could be related to the U106 as I'm SRY2627+? MR. Greenspan from FTDNA told me years ago if I found someone with the same 12 markers as my family's he was pretty sure they would be related due to the first 12 markers being pretty rare. I had given up hope after all these years

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