Question What should be the punishment for rapists and pedophiles ?

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  • Pedophiles (child rapists) should be castrated

    Votes: 9 50.0%
  • Non-pedophile rapists should be castrated

    Votes: 4 22.2%
  • Serial rapists should be castrated

    Votes: 6 33.3%
  • Any kind of rapist should NEVER be castrated

    Votes: 4 22.2%
  • Rapists should follow a reeducation programme

    Votes: 6 33.3%
  • Rapists should be sent to prison

    Votes: 14 77.8%
  • Rapists should be executed

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Rapists should get another punishment (please specify)

    Votes: 1 5.6%
  • Some rapes can be pardoned, due to mitigating circumstances

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Rape is caused by our hormones, and therefore is natural and not reprehensible

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Rape is part of human condition and condoned by God, to which image humans were made

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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As much as I can be liberal when it comes to laws, as much can I be strict when it comes to punishments. If it were up to me, torture or mutilations would be reinstored instead of long prison terms as punishments for "wicked crimes" (like serial murders, pedophilia, etc.).

Serial rapists and pedophiles should be castrated, as it is the best way to prevent them to commit the same crime again, other than give them an irrevocable life sentence or execute them.

In fact, part of the reasoning is that it cost less to tax payers and is probably more effective to castrate a rapist and force him to follow a reeducation programme at his own cost (maybe 1 year, or as long as it take, and if they can't pay for it anymore, they'll have to work for free for the government to pay it), than to keep them in jail for years.

What are your views on this ?
Do you mean simply castrated or emasculated? What if they commited their crime with a foreign object?
sabro said:
Do you mean simply castrated or emasculated? What if they commited their crime with a foreign object?

What do you mean by emasculate ? Make less virile ? How ?

Of course, castration can be chemical (no need to take them off with tongs :blush: )
sexual predators are one of those crimes that takes a lot of insight to understand why the criminal acts that way, and also one of those crimes that really boils my blood.

While I think it depends on the nature of the crime and the ability to truly be rehabilitated (not just able to "control" urges with therapy and medication), I think that violent serial rapists or pedophiles leave us with little choice, and castration starts to sound like a good option. Ultimately this could probably never be done as it probably qualifies as "cruel of unusual," but it wouldn't be a bad solution.

edit//On the flipside, what if the criminal is castrated then released, and just becomes increasingly violent? Or is the argument that this would only be performed on lifetime inmates anyways?
A punishment for rapist and pedophiles. Hmmm............complex issue. Anyways, you don't seem to think that pedophiles and rapists can be redeemed. Then, I could be wrong.:relief:

Before we try to figure out a punishment for rapists and pedophiles, we should try to figure out why they commit these crimes in the first place. Is it in the culture? Is it Genetic, or other factors. There has been some research to suggest that if people are molested as children they are likely to become pedophiles themselves. And there's other factors about this as well.

As far as rapists are concerned, it seems by now that people who rape aren't doing it because they want sex. It seems to be more about control and power. And there should be some efforts made to figure out why some people rape other people.

However, I don't know if castration of would solve the problem of rape or pedophilia. I think pedophiles should be punished by imprisonment as well as rapists.
It really is too complex a matter to judge in such a short time, so I will tell you what I basically think on the issue.

I think they should be imprisoned and put into a reeducation program(which I forgot to vote for). I think that castration should be saved for rapists who've commited the act more than once. If we give them the chance to change their ways and they deny it, then I believe harsh punishment is in order.
I thought to emasculate meant to remove the entire genetalia and not just the testicles, but I guess the words are synonyms. What is the word I am thinking of?
From a document I saw a while back (20/20 or dateline..something of the sort, sorry I can't remember!), many child rapists and pedophiles end up beaten to within an inch of their lives in prison. Even serial murderers and felons find that disgusting. Personally, if my child was molested or a child close to me, I'd want to seriously hurt that person. I believe that they should be hurt in most unimaginable ways. Death is an easy way out, but prison does punish them (other prisoners do have their way with them.). I just hate how they get released and then a huge warning goes out to the neighbourhood.
But then there's the question of if doctors say it's safe to release them, why do they commit(sp?) the crime again? (vunerable? provoked?)
sabro said:
I thought to emasculate meant to remove the entire genetalia and not just the testicles, but I guess the words are synonyms. What is the word I am thinking of?
I thought to emasculate meant to enter into marriage ;) sorry couldn't resist.

The removal of one or both of the testicles (known as castration, gelding, neutering, orchiectomy, or orchidectomy) is really all that's required to remove the sex drive. Chemical Castration essentially achieves the same end without surgery, and is not a permanent condition. Removal of the glans is a completely different procedure (penectomy) and has nothing to do with castration.
I didn't know we had specialist in the matter on board. :blush:
I used to frequent bmezine :)
I had to look up the other terms for castration though.
Both categories should be screwed to death by carefully selected teams of professional nymphomaniacs - in public.
That'd teach 'em!
I think they should be sent to prison where they can receive re-education. I think that castrating them is no different from cutting the hands off thieves. I also think that removing their ability to commit the crime again removes the responsibility for their actions. We should be trying to rehabilitate them, and if that fails then keep them in prison. How we pay for that is another, more general problem.
Tsuyoiko said:
I think they should be sent to prison where they can receive re-education. I think that castrating them is no different from cutting the hands off thieves.
Hands serve other purposes than stealing... Now if someone was a serial groper, thief, used their hands to make obscene gestures in public everyday, etc., as a judge, I would consider having them cut, depending on how serious his/her case is.
Nudering them won't do much I think, neither would castrating.They should be put away BUT (and this should be a new rule in every prison) WITHOUT any privileges such as TV,good food etc. That's where all the money goes too, those sons of B*tches get all the luxury and royal treatment for commiting serious crimes.That's a serious mistake in my eyes.And for life should be FOR LIFE.

Last week on tv there was this sob politician who wanted that prisoners could be reintroduced to society after they were rehabilitated.I think this is VERY wrong.A murderer,rapist,pedophile,serial killer or any criminal who commited a serious crime should get life long emprisonment.:eek:kashii:

If we treat them as they did with their victims we're no better, remember this.
Lock 'em up. While there there- keep them busy, give them skills to function in society..but don't expect reformation.
As in any other crime you have to consider the individual circumstances.

But I oppose any forced mutilation, torture or death penalty.
I'd say prison for both, but definatly an education programme. They aren't going to learn by sitting in prison for a few years. In any case it could get worse.
It also depends how serious the crime is.
When people tell me that we should spare sex offenders any punishment except jail time because they're human, I always ask the fabled question "what is human?" The way I see it lock them up and torture the hell out of them with both psychological and physiological tortures from inmates. I cannot stand sex offenders at all as they are on the top of my "most hated" list, and I have no sympathy for them. :eek:kashii:

Doc :wave:
I could see myself supporting something as making sure these people wouldn't be able to do the same crime again. I would however choose an option for something such as chemical castration. Pedophiles especially should be treated in the harshest way because they destroy what is innocent in our society. Crimes against children should be punished by a harsher degree. A pedophile and rapist act on premeditation, they dont just simply walk on the street and get the sudden the thought of attacking someone. They stalk the victim, follow them, and usually carry out the crime in secluded areas or places that they are sure not be found. I think a weakness in our society is at times trying to deal with such offenders by our standards; I think that sometimes we can't afford to be so complacent and liberal and that some people dont deserve to be judged by laws and regulations that are not of the same category as their crimes

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