With what ancient ethnicity do you most identify, and what has DNA told you ?

An umap (Ph2ter) with the most recent publishes Saxon samples, I'm in the middle of the original "Saxon cluster" (red just above the word germanic).

I guess this is pretty accurate with my ancestry, the outmost North Dutch are a kind of "original Anglo-Saxon jurassic park". ;)

I identify myself with the 'free minded seafaring culture' the Anglo-Danish aka Saxons had...

MyTrueAncestry says my closest ancient populations are: Celtic Britons, Celts, Anglo-saxons, Celtic Dobunni, and the Gaels

Celt + Anglo Saxon (5.567)
Celt + Celtic Dobunni (5.717)
Celt + Briton (6.007)
Celt + Gael (6.028)
Gael + Anglo Saxon (6.216)
Briton (6.618)
Gael (7.082)
Celt (7.515)
Celtic Dobunni (7.786)
Anglo Saxon (7.814)

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