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Kaysersberg Travel Guide
Colourful traditional houses, Kaysersberg
Colourful traditional houses, Kaysersberg


Kaysersberg (pop. 2,700) is a gorgeous fortified village on the Alsatian wine route.

Kaysersberg's history started in 1227 when Emperor Frederick II Barbarossa purchased a small castle that would give the village its name (Kaisersberg meaning the 'Emperor's mountain' in German). The castle was quickly expanded into one of the largest fortresses in the region as a defense against the Duchy of Lorraine.

In 1293, Kaysersberg is elevated to the rank of Free Imperial City, under the direct control of the Holy Roman Emperor. In 1354, it would become one of the ten Alsatian cities and towns forming the Décapole alliance, which would last until 1679, soon after the brutal annexation of Alsace to France by Louis XIV.

Among the notable monuments in Kaysersberg are the Kessler Gate, erected in 1371, the Renaissance townhall (built in 1521), and the fortified bridge, dating from 1514.

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