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Départment du Pas-de-Calais

The Pas-de-Calais was created from parts of the former provinces of Boulonnais, Ponthieu and Artois.

It has a surface area of 6,671 km², a population of 1,442,000 inhabitants, and is divided into seven administrative districts (arrondissements in French) for a total of 77 cantons and 894 municipalities.

It borders the English Channel and the North Sea, and the départments of the Nord and Somme.

Like in the Nord, the population of the Pas-de-Calais is mostly of Germanic descent (Frankish, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian). Many place names between Boulogne, Calais and St Omer have obvious Flemish origins (e.g. Berck, Wacqinghen, Hermelinghen, Nabringhen, Rodelinghen, Leubringhen, Hervelinghen, Bezinghem, Maringhem, Verhocq).


very good Arras
good Béthune
outstanding Boulogne-sur-Mer
good Calais

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