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List of Gothic edifices by year of construction

The Gothic style originated in Northern France, more precisely with the Abbey of St Denis neat Paris, where most of the Kings of France are buried since Clovis. The name "Gothic" has no relation with the Gothic people (a Germanic tribe). It was first used in the 16th century as a pejorative term to describe what Renaissance men thought of as overly complicated and "barbaric" architecture, as opposed to the simplicity of the classical Greco-Roman style.

Ironically, the Gothic style was most popular in the former parts of the Western Roman Empire (especially France, Belgium, England, Spain and Portugal), while the Romanesque style (inspired by Ancient Rome) prevailed in most of Germany.

The very first examples of Gothic architecture in 12th-century Picardy are called Early Gothic or Proto-Gothic. The style then developed into Classical Gothic characterised by very tall structures (Amiens, Reims, Bourges, Chartres). The Rayonnant Gothic style started in the Abbey of St Denis again, when the choir was repaired in 1231. It lasted until around 1350, and was supplanted by the Flamboyant Gothic style, also called Late Gothic.


Oldest Gothic buildings by country

  • France : Abbey Church of St Denis => 1122
  • England : Cathedral of Canterbury => 1174
  • Portugal : Monastery of Alcobaça => 1178
  • Belgium : Cathedral of Liège => 1189
  • Spain : Cathedral of León => 1205
  • Germany : Cathedral of Magdeburg => 1209
  • Italy : Santa Maria della Spina, Pisa => 1230
Name of the edifice Beginning of construction Region, Country
Abbey Church of St Denis 1122 Ile-de-France, France
Cathedral of Noyon 1140 Picardie, France
Cathedral of Senlis 1153 Picardie, France
Cathedral of Laon 1155 Picardie, France
Cathedral of Paris 1163 Ile-de-France, France
Cathedral of Tours 1170 Centre, France
Cathedral of Canterbury 1174 Kent, England
Cathedral of Soissons 1176 Picardie, France
Monastery of Alcobaça 1178 Leiria, Portugal
St. Lambert Cathedral, Liege 1189 (destroyed in 1794) Wallonia, Belgium
Cathedral of Wells 1190 Somerset, England
Cathedral of Strasbourg 1190 Alsace, France
Cathedral of Bourges 1192 Centre, France
Cathedral of Lincoln 1192 Lincolnshire, England
Cathedral of Chartres 1194 Centre, France
Cloth Hall, Ypres 1200 (rebuilt after WWI) Flanders, Belgium
Cathedral of Rouen 1202 Normandy, France
Cathedral of Winchester 1202 Hampshire, England
Cathedral of Leon 1205 Castile and León, Spain
Cathedral of Magdeburg 1209 Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Cathedral of Sées 1210 Normandy, France
Cathedral of Reims 1211 Champagne, France
Cathedral of Bayonne 1213 Aquitaine, France
Cathedral of Auxerre 1215 Burgundy, France
Cathedral of Amiens 1220 Picardie, France
Cathedral of Toul 1220 Lorraine, France
Cathedral of Metz 1220 Lorraine, France
Cathedral of Beauvais 1220 Picardie, France
Cathedral of Salisbury 1220 Wiltshire, England
York Minster 1220 Yorkshire, England
Cathedral of Ypres 1221 (rebuilt after WWI) Flanders, Belgium
Cathedral of Burgos 1221 Castile and León, Spain
Cathedral of Brussels 1226 Brabant, Belgium
Cathedral of Toledo 1226 Castile-La Mancha, Spain
Cathedral of Hereford 1226 Herefordshire, England
Cathedral of Peterborough 1230 Northamptonshire, England
Freiburg Münster 1230 Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Santa Maria della Spina, Pisa 1230 Tuscany, Italy
Elisabeth Church, Marburg 1235 Hesse,Germany
Belfry of Bruges 1240 Flanders, Belgium
Westminster Abbey 1245 London, England
Sainte-Chapelle, Paris 1246 Ile-de-France, France
Cathedral of Clermont 1248 Auvergne, France
Cathedral of Cologne 1248 North-Rhine-Westphalen, Germany
St. Mary's Church, Lübeck 1250 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venice 1250 Veneto, Italy
Cathedral of Évreux 1253 Normandy, France
Cathedral of Saint Martin, Utrecht 1254 Utrecht, the Netherlands
Cathedral of Exeter 1258 Devon, England
Cathedral of Valencia 1262 Valencia, Spain
Cathedral of Regensburg 1273 Bavaria, Germany
Cathedral of Limoges 1273 Limousin, France
Cathedral of Siena (façade) 1284 Tuscany, Italy
Cathedral of Aix 1285 Provence, France
Cathedral of Orléans 1287 (destroyed in 1568) Pays de la Loire, France
Cathedral of Orvieto 1290 Umbria, Italy
Basilica di Santa Croce, Florence 1294 Tuscany, Italy
Basilica of Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume 1295 Provence, France
Cathedral of Florence 1296 Tuscany, Italy
Palazzo Pubblico, Siena 1297 Tuscany, Italy
Cathedral of Barcelona 1298 Catalonia, Spain
Collegiate Church of Kortrijk 1300 Flanders, Belgium
St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna 1304 Austria
Doge's Palace, Venice 1309 Veneto, Italy
Collegiate Church of Huy 1311 Liege, Belgium
Belfry of Ghent 1313 Flanders, Belgium
Cathedral of Perpignan 1324 Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Cathedral of Mechelen 1335 Flanders, Belgium
Palais des Papes, Avignon 1335 Provence, France
St. John's Cathedral, 's-Hertogenbosch 1340 North Brabant, the Netherlands
St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague 1344 Czech Republic
Cathedral of Antwerp 1354 Flanders, Belgium
Cathedral of Mende 1368 Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Townhall of Bruges 1376 Flanders, Belgium
Cathedral of Ulm 1377 Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Cathedral of Milan 1386 Lombardy, Italy
Monastery of Batalha 1386 Leiria, Portugal
Cathedral of Seville 1402 Andalusia, Spain
Townhall of Brussels 1402 Brabant, Belgium
Palazzo Santa Sofia, Venice 1428 Veneto, Italy
Cathedral of Sheffield 1430 South Yorkshire, England
Cathedral of Nantes 1434 Pays de la Loire, France
King's College Chapel, Cambridge 1446 Cambridgeshire, England
Townhall of Leuven 1448 Brabant, Belgium
Town hall & Beflry, Aalst 1460 Flanders, Belgium
Jerónimos Monastery, Lisbon 1502 Lisbon, Portugal
New Cathedral of Salamanca 1513 Castile and León, Spain
Belém Tower, Lisbon 1515 Lisbon, Portugal
Town hall, Oudenaarde 1526 Flanders, Belgium
Cathedral of Orléans 1601 (rebuilt) Pays de la Loire, France

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