1. LeBrok

    Politics Vote for a president of USA - 2016 election

    Let's have some fun and see who Eupidia's members would elect the new president of US of America.
  2. Maciamo

    Society American given names increasingly based on surnames

    One of the biggest cultural differences between the USA and Europe is the increasingly common use of patronyms as given names in American society, especially for boys/men. I had a look at the top 100 baby names in the USA in 2012 and found 33 boy names that were based on family names - one third...
  3. N

    Harvard professor wants Neanderthal baby?

    I haven't seen this posted yet on Eupedia, and it's been making the media rounds here in the U.S.--apparently Harvard Medical Sciences professor George Church is seeking an "adventurous" woman to birth a Neanderthal baby using ancient DNA samples. He has since walked this back claiming an...
  4. Maciamo

    What percentage of ancestry is enough to make feel part of an ethnic group ?

    Thanks to population genetics, we are becoming increasingly aware of just how mixed our ancestry really is. The old stereotypes about ethnic purity are meaningless when we think in term of genetic admixtures and deep ancestry spanning over 10,000 years or more. Yet, ethnic groups still exist...
  5. Canek

    "Icelanders descended from Native Americans"

    a very interesting article i want to share with the forum, taken from: "Icelanders descended from Native Americans" That is the question, and tentatively answered in the affirmative according to a...
  6. edao

    American Time Bomb

    America is quite happy for markets to focus on European countries as they have their own crisis to worry about, one that would put Europe in the shade. This video will explain more.
  7. L

    Politics Spain's FM Defends An EU-LAC Alliance "Without Paternalism"

  8. M

    Need Help... Moving to Europe!!

    Hi Everyone! I am in desperate need of help. I am currently a teacher living in the United States and I am planning on moving somewhere in Europe. I am young and have no kids or husband so I am planning on moving for just a year or two to experience other cultures. I need to work somewhere...