1. K

    mtDNA T2a1a

    Hi guys, I tested with 23adnMe and got mtDNA T2a1a and paternal I-P109. Both my parents are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, with mom's maternal side from area of Split, Dalmatia in Croatia and has been there for at least 5-6 generations. Both of these haplogroups are rare for that region...
  2. J

    What are Bosnian genetics similar to? (comparable country with almost same genetics)

    I always heard that Bosnians are south Slavic people, so naturally I thought they shared same dna as Russians. After I did some research I found that, only 15 % of dna in bosnians is the ''slavic'' gene. Also known as r1a. So my question to you guys is, what comparable country shares the same or...
  3. Kotroman

    Distribution of Y-DNA haplogroups among Bosnians from Serbian DNA project

    Here is a list of genetically tested individuals from Bosnia and Herzegovina (of all three main ethnic groups) whose surnames are listed in public data bases and later on the website of the Serbian DNA project: I2a1b Gračanin Ilić Ivanović Perenda (Probably...
  4. Bosnian Boss

    Genetic information for Bosnia and Herzegovina?

    Hello again! If somebody would be so willing as to provide a summary on the genetics of Bosnians (all 3 major ethnicities), it would be greatly appreciated! :good_job: I've done some research on my own and have seen conflicting or sparse data, as the region is overlooked, as per usual. Outside...
  5. Kotroman

    Origin of haplogroup R1b in Bosnia

    What R1b-subclade does most of Bosnians belonging to? The Italo-Celtic branch (S28/U152), Balkanic branch R1b-L23 or to the Continental Germanic branch R1b-S21 (U106)? According to this map, 10-15% of Bosniaks in Bosanska Krajina (Northwestern Bosnia) is belonging to the Italo-Celtic branch...
  6. Kotroman

    Haplogroup I1 in Herzegovinians, Montenegrins and Kosovar Albanians

    I think that the new map of the distribution of haplogroup I1 in Europe should be changed a little bit. According to the genetic studies of Oxford Journals, Molecular Biology and Evolution High-Resolution Phylogenetic Analysis of Southeastern Europe Traces Major Episodes of Paternal Gene Flow...
  7. Kotroman

    Bosnia - haplogroups in three main ethnic groups

    Can you please write down those numbers of percentage on "Distribution of European Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) haplogroups by country in percentage": Bosniaks (Bosnian muslims): E3b1: 13% E3b*: 0% G: 3,5% I1: 4,5% I2a: 43,5% I* 0% I2b: 0% J1: 2,5% J2: 9,5% R1a1: 15,5% R1b: 3,5% T: 1%...