1. J

    G25 Two G25 Results: Greek-Cypriot and Lebanese

    Hi all, My mother is Greek-Cypriot and my father is Lebanese. They have both tested with MyHeritage, had transferred my father's results to FTDNA, and had both results transferred to GEDmatch. Please see below their G25 results...
  2. A

    LivingDNA Mix Near East result coupled w/ Tuscany & Aegean

    I got my Living DNA results last week but I find lack of sub-regional detail for Near East slightly disappointing. Wonder when they will improve details for these regions. Near East 79.2% - Armenia & Cyprus 27.2% - North Turkey 24.8% - Levant 23.3% - Arabia 3.9% Europe 18% - Tuscany 11.9% -...
  3. Jovialis

    Cyprus: Ancient tombs discovered during Nicosia roadworks

    Ancient tombs believed to be from the fifth century BC were discovered in the community of Deneia in Nicosia district during roadworks, community leader Christakis Panayiotou said on Friday. According to Panayiotou, the tombs were discovered last week. The area is filled with ancient sites and...
  4. A

    Updated data on Cypriot mt-DNA haplogroups (please correct maps)

    Dear Maciamo, I appreciate the substantial amount of time you dedicate on creating these great haplogroup distribution maps and I understand how hard it must be to go through all the evidence and get it right for every single region in Europe. I could see from your mt-DNA maps that the data for...
  5. A

    What can autosomal calculators tell us about ancient Greek admixture?

    There are plenty of autosomal calculators around ( and I have used practically all of them in order to identify any hint that would point me to the ancient Greek admixture. I will use data from the Dodecad project (k12b calculator) and concentrate on 3 populations who, I...
  6. A

    Any information about Y-DNA subclade R1b1b2a (origin/distribution)?

    I am on a search to identify Italian (mainly Venetian, as well as Genoese and Pisan) genetic lines in the Cypriot population. Italian populations have resided in Cyprus for almost four centuries and some Cypriots claim direct ancestry from those people. According to historical evidence, the...
  7. A

    Any information about Y-DNA subclade G2a5 (origin/distribution)?

    While browsing through my 23andme distant DNA relatives (as well as DNA relatives of friends who have taken the test) I have noticed that Haplogroup G2a5 is very common among Cypriots. Actually around 15% of 35 Cypriot individuals were G2a5. I found this extremely interesting as from what I have...