1. Maciamo

    Comparison of teachers' salaries across Europe

    Euronews : Real teacher salaries in Europe are down. Which countries pay the highest and lowest wages? This article has a very detailed analysis of teachers' salaries at pre-school, primary and secondary level by country, comparing: Average annual gross actual salaries Annual gross statutory...
  2. Maciamo

    What are the three things that most strongly define your identity?

    I posted a thread on how Europeans viewed themselves and how much they identified with things such as one's family, gender, age group, nationality, region, level of education, occupation, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political orientation, or religion. If you had to choose three things to...
  3. K

    What Does the Distance Education Accrediting Commission Actually Do?

    The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) is a recognized non-profit accrediting institution of the United States. It is a very reputable authority that checks the quality of education of various universities. The DEAC came into existence in 1926. It consists of various subject...
  4. Maciamo

    Ethics Countries with higher GDP per capita less likely to link belief in God to morality

    The Pew Research Center has published a new global survey named The Global God Divide, in which they investigate whether people agree whether there is the connection between belief in God and morality in 34 countries. The findings reveal a clear correlation between GDP per capita and the...
  5. Jovialis

    Slowdown in African fertility rate linked to disruption of girls' education

    A team of researchers with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis has found a connection between fertility rates in many African countries and access to education for girls living in those countries. In their paper published Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the...
  6. Jovialis

    The gradual phasing out of physical offices and colleges

    Many people prefer to work from home, and are able to be proficient at their jobs. Moreover, online classes have become a standard part of the college experience. I think it only makes sense that society will continue to move in the direction of eliminating traditional office buildings and...
  7. Jovialis

    Online Forum Helps Students Learn about Physics Interesting article, I certainly believe that the format of social forums like ours' help people learn about genetics, culture, politics, archaeology, and history...
  8. Maciamo

    Is the modern education system completely at odds with the future of society?

    You have all read it in the news. Most jobs will progressively disappear over the next 20 years. Actually most reports are greatly underestimating the exponential power of artificial intelligence and robotics and how fast they will suddenly replace practically any job if people will let them...
  9. K

    Applying for Masters Program in English in Germany

    HI! I'm planning to apply for a masters in Counseling or Mental Health or any program related to those subjects in Germany but I don't know which good universities offer these in English. I'm originally from the Philippines but now working in Florida. Have always wanted to study in Europe. Does...
  10. Maciamo

    Religion Lack of religious affiliation set to become mainstream in Western countries

    Atheism and agnosticism have been gaining a lot of grounds in Western countries over the last decade thanks to the Internet. USA According to this chart (source), the percentage of unaffiliated in the USA started soaring from 1995, which is the year the Internet really took off. Most of the...
  11. J

    Universities/Schools in Europe for a BA in Translation - Questions

    Good day everyone, I am new to the community and this is my first post - in saying that, I hope that I am posting in the correct category and keeping my fingers crossed that some of you in this community can provide me with some valuable insight to some of the questions I have. Thanks ahead of...
  12. Maciamo

    Financial literacy rates around the world

    McGraw Hill Financial has just released the results of their Global Financial Literacy Survey, which aims at evaluating people's knowledge of basic financial concepts such as risk diversification, inflation, interests, and compound interests on loans and credit cards. Only about a third of the...
  13. LeBrok

    The world is getting better.

    In a year 2000 many leaders from around the globe got together and set few urgent goals to improve humankind. Millennium Development Goals 1Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. 2Achieve universal primary education. 3Promote gender equality and empower women. 4Reduce child mortality...
  14. R

    Competency-Based Education

    There has recently been a significant buzz in the US regarding so-called "Competency-Based Education" (CBE) and the rise of CBE based universities such as Western Governors University in Utah that do not have classes, lectures, due dates, or homework as it is commonly known, but only exams and...
  15. Maciamo

    Health Children's well-being in 29 Western countries (UNICEF report)

    Seven years ago I analysed the UNICEF report on children well-being in rich countries. Here is a new report for 2013, which has eight additional countries. The Netherlands still tops the ranking, followed by Scandinavian countries like before, except Denmark which fell from 3rd to 11th...
  16. Maciamo

    Society European university ranking 2013/14

    University rankings are conducted by various magazines, newspapers, websites, governments and academics. The three most famous are the Academic Ranking of World Universities (aka ARWU or Shanghai Ranking), the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the QS World University Rankings...
  17. Maciamo

    Why is philosophy an arts subject ?

    I was reading a BBC article on the French education system, and namely that literature baccalaureate students have to write a philosophical essay. In France at least it seems that Philosophy is an arts subject, not a science one. That doesn't make any sense. Philosophy is like the wrapping that...
  18. Templar

    Immigration Developed Nations Attract Young vs. Educated Migrants Developed Nations Attract Young vs. Educated Migrants
  19. edao

    PISA exams, tests of academic proficiency given in 57 countries

    These are a couple of years old but still interesting.