The gradual phasing out of physical offices and colleges


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Many people prefer to work from home, and are able to be proficient at their jobs. Moreover, online classes have become a standard part of the college experience. I think it only makes sense that society will continue to move in the direction of eliminating traditional office buildings and educational institutions. White-collar jobs tend to primarily deal with interactions via e-mail, so it only makes sense that schools acclimate students to this kind of online dynamic. It would save companies a lot of money on having to own and maintain these buildings. Furthermore, the cost of education would also decrease, if colleges and universities didn’t have to maintain physical spaces as well. There would be other benefits too, such as a massive reduction to rush hour traffic. Not to mention, overall quality of life would increase, as people would not have to deal with so much stress, and lack of time at home with their family.

What do you think?
I tried to work from home and it regresses my interpersonal communication and social skills. Maybe I'm an isolated case but unlike most people, I don't have that many friends that I can interact with and my family lives miles away.
I became more introvert because of the lack of social contact. Going out in public became tough for me as it gives me an overwhelming feeling and at times, vertigo.

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