1. Wheal

    New video on FTdna for MTdna

    Family Tree DNA has come up with a cute way to show mt development.
  2. Wheal

    FTDNA Big Y 700

    I would love to hear comments about what you all think about the outcome for Big Y-700 will be from Family Tree DNA. Most specifically, what will it tell us, and will it go back and test to find where the split for the break in earlier snps or will it only test for more downstream snps.
  3. H

    MyHeritageDNA Comparing MyHeritage DNA results with 23andme and FTDNA

    Hi there, This is a message for those of you who are more scientifically inclined than me in the field of genetics/the trend of DNA testing to find out ethnicity. I'm interested in genealogy and I figured doing a few DNA tests could perhaps help me discover new information about my ancestors...
  4. Wheal

    GEDMatch No Calls on Gedmatch results from ftDNA

    Does anyone here find one company more than another that will have high incidence of NoCalls? This is a sample of the kits that I manage: No-calls = 29514 = 4.1545549626197 percent. This kit has an unusually high number of no-calls, which usually results in a larger number of false matches...
  5. M

    FTDNA Maronite/Druze FTDNA MyOrigins- problem with identification??

    I am a quarter Lebanese and have always been confused about the result FTDNA gave me: British Isles (58%) Southeast Europe (19%) Iberia (9%) West Middle Eastern: (9%) Asia Minor: (6%) Trace: South Central Asia I have no known Iberian or Southeast European ancestors at a time recent enough to...
  6. J

    Ftdna y12 - k-m9

    Just got my FTDNA Y12 and it says Confirmed Ydna Haplogroup K-M9.....
  7. Maciamo

    What's your experience of customer service with DNA testing companies?

    I am curious to compare people's experience of customer support at various DNA testing companies. Here is my impression based on my experience. - Family Tree DNA: I have often been critical of this company (high prices, terrible MyOrigins and AncientOrigins report, etc.), but they do have a...
  8. P

    My first Autossomal Results - Help with Admixture Maps

    Hello Colleagues, I am researching my genealogy for more than 20 yrs and I decide getting into this DNA testing world. I have tested myself and my Mother (my father has already passed away) We did the FTDNA Autosomal Test and I am looking for some guidance on understanding the results. We...
  9. Maciamo

    Comparing DNA testing companies

    Here is a quick comparison of the number of SNP's tested by the main genomics companies offering ancestry DNA tests. Company Autosomal SNP's Y-DNA SNP's mtDNA SNP's Price (USA/EU/UK) 23andMe 577,382 2,329 3,154 99~199$/169€/149£ Geno 2.0 700,000 ~20,000 ~4,000 180$ Chrono 2.0 290,169...
  10. K

    FTDNA Here is my acestry, any ideas?

    Good day to all! I took the FTDNA test and got a pretty random result: Y-DNA: R-M269 MtDNA: L3e2b And also: 74%Southern European 3% Western and Central Europe 13% West African 4% North African 5% New World As far as I know, I’m descend from Italian, Spanish and Portuguese...
  11. A

    FTDNA What has happened to FTDNA's Y-DNA12 test??

    I am not sure if this only happens in my geographical region, but the Y-DNA12 (as well as the Y-DNA25) tests are suddenly out of stock from FTDNA's website! All you can find is a reduced price Y-DNA37 test and anything above that! I really hope that this is a marketing strategy for boosting the...
  12. A

    BIG Y DNA Test (Next Gen Y Sequencing) is here and at a reduced price!

    FTDNA has announced their new 'BIG Y' DNA Test, which offers next generation sequencing scan (i.e. full scan) of your Y-chromosome! They accompany this launch with a reduced price, from $695 reduced to $495, if you order before Dec 1st. Of course it is still pretty expensive and we do not know...
  13. Dorianfinder

    R1b-U152 L2*

    The Z49+ or Z347+ mutations seem to suggest Roman subclades of R1b-U152 L2. What about those subclades that do not carry these two mutations? The Balkans (Greece, Romania etc.) have a significant amount of R1b-U152 L2* that may or may not belong to either one of these two Roman subclades. If...