What has happened to FTDNA's Y-DNA12 test??


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I am not sure if this only happens in my geographical region, but the Y-DNA12 (as well as the Y-DNA25) tests are suddenly out of stock from FTDNA's website! All you can find is a reduced price Y-DNA37 test and anything above that! I really hope that this is a marketing strategy for boosting the reduced price Y-DNA37 test and does not mean that the excellent value-for-money Y-DNA12 test is gone for good. For people administrating projects at FTDNA this will be a huge blow as it is one thing to tell someone that he can find out his Y-haplogroup for $49 and another thing for $119..
What is the best y-DNA test to take in terms of price and result precision? Does 23andme give subclade results or just general haplogroup? Would it say I2a1b or just I2 or just hg "I".
FTDNA's Y-DNA37 test is fairly cheap ($119 CAD here in Canada at the moment) and is a fairly minimal test. The problem with FTDNA is that when you decide you want more information, you have to get a few more tests done, so the price can add up.
exactly why i am opting for genographic project 2.0 once more

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