1. E

    Gedrosia K3 Sources?

    Hello brothers and sisters. I am looking to recreate the Gedrosia K3 from GEDmatch using G25 and I ask for your help. I would like to ask, does anyone know the exact samples (confirmed) being used for the source/reference population for Gedrosia K3 on Gedmatch for the West Eurasian, East...
  2. Kari

    GEDMatch Greek Gedmatch kits(Post yours too!)

    A436581 - Macedonian Greek A128684 - Μacedonian Greek M937243 - Macedonian Greek A987490 - Macedonian Greek H177149 - Macedonian Greek A813004 - Macedonian Greke A952122 - Macedonian GreeK A464069 - Μacedonian Greek A579573 - Μacedonian Greek H285783 - Macedonian Greek M284497 - Macedonian...
  3. T

    Is this indicative of Turkish ancestry?

    Hi! I was hoping that someone could please shed some light on whether or not my father's AncestryDNA results are indicative of our supposed Turkish ancestry? Long story short, there is a family legend that we are descended from a Turkish princess. I don't buy the princess part, but I always...
  4. B

    K13 Are there still the source groups of Vahaduo K13 Smaller and Bigger regions?

    Sad to see Vahaduo is nearly offline. Are there still somewhere the sources or comparable or better?
  5. L

    GEDMatch Greek from Elis (Western Peloponnese) Gedmatch results

    Myheritage kit. What do you think about her results? Supposedly her village (right on the borders with Arcadia) is an old mix of Arcadian migrants from the vicinity of modern day municipality of Gortynia and local people from Elis. Eurogenes K13...
  6. C

    MyTrueAncestry Comparing MyTrueAncestry Results with GEDmatch Results- Why the Difference?

    This is my first post and I am not an expert, so please excuse my gaps in knowledge, but I would like some help. I am posting the areas of discrepancy between autosomal DNA results in matches from My True Ancestry and GEDmatch. Please give me your thoughts. It may be due to the setting I used...
  7. Jovialis

    How much DNA do you have from Archaic Humans and Extinct Human Species

    I like the caption :) In this video, explore the GEDmatch tool that helps you reveal how much DNA you may share with Archaic Humans and Extinct Human Species. WARNING: This video is for the super geeky genetic genealogists.
  8. L

    GEDMatch Greek GEDMATCH results (ancestry from multiple greek regions )

    Using MyHeritage raw dna data. He also got his G25 coordinates. And his Y-DNA prediction from Morley Y-DNA predictor too.Though before I post it here I need someone who knows the program well to help me reconfirm it because I ran into some errors and I don't know if the final result is correct...
  9. B

    GEDMatch GEDMatch results?

    I couldn’t find a thread for the MDLP World 22 results, but how would you interpret my results? Population: North-East European 40.2 Atlantic Mediterranean Neolithic 25.97 West Asian 12.82 Near East 8.79 Samoedic 3.74 North European Mesolithic 2.53 Melanesian 1.76 Sub Saharian 1.01...
  10. C

    GEDMatch I need help about Gedmatch for my Admixture.

    Hello. I don't know how to understand my admixture from Gedmatch, Can someone help me with this? My gedmatch's number is: SY7089349 I'd like to know my ancestors (and ancestry composition) Thank you for your help! :)
  11. Joker

    GEDMatch Houston we have a problem at Gedmatch....

    I picked up this Gedmatch kit number on this forum labeled as "From Catanzaro, South Italy: Kit Number: A552689" Indeed on one to many comparison results the overwhelming majority of names of close matches are obviously Italian surnames. But.... Here is this kits: Eurogenes K13 Admixture...
  12. B

    K15 Eurogenes K15 plot mapping?

    Has anyone tried it before? What were your results?
  13. Jovialis

    GEDMatch Rotating 3D PCA on Gedmatch

    Obviously this is wrong, but why? Is it just a broken feature? I haven't adjusted any of the settings (except making it 1000 resolution in the pic, but it is in the same position normally.) It only seems to work for Eurogenes calculators; they haven't made it for others, to my knowledge.
  14. Jovialis

    GEDMatch GEDmatch Cluster Program

    "April 2, 2019 Coming very soon. Cluster program with exciting innovations not found elsewhere. Get Your friends to upload their kits to GEDmatch now!" Do anyone have more information, on this upcoming tool?
  15. Jovialis

    GEDMatch Ethnicity Accuracy: Comparing your various raw data kits on Gedmatch

    Here's is another great video by Family History Fanatics. It is from 2017 using the old Gedmatch, but it is still relevant. You can still use the same tools on Gedmatch Genesis (One-to-one Autosomal Comparison). This one explains how different companies test different areas. You can see which...
  16. Jovialis

    GEDMatch GEDmatch® Genesis Kit Merge Tool - V0.0

    I just noticed this when I logged into gedmatch genesis. Now they are offering the ability to combine your raw data on Tier 1 membership. However this is already achievable with DNAkit Studio, for free. Moreover, gedmatch does not support Genographic CSV files, which DNAkit studio does. Thus...
  17. R

    GEDMatch Questions about my gedmatch results

    So MyHeritage says I'm 64.5% Ashkenazi Jewish. Then overall 35.5% from East Europe and they break it down to 14.6% East European, 12.4% Balkan and 8.5% Baltic. These results make really sense to me, as my family originated from eastern Europe and I was born in ukrain. Also I know that some of my...
  18. S

    GEDMatch How much East Med do you score?

    I’m trying to figure out whether a theory about my family history is credible or not, so I’d be interested to compare results for East Med scores on Eurogenes K13, Eurogenes K36, the Jtest and the EUtest. Also, let me know if you have any documented east Mediterranean ancestry (e.g. ⅛ Sicilian...
  19. G

    Need help interpreting Gedmatch gedrosia k5

    Hello i need assistance interpreting my results from this calculator any feedback is appreciated. Admix Results (sorted): # Population Percent 1 Sub_Saharan 45.71 2 Natufian 21.23 3 West_European_Hunter_Gartherer 18.13 4 Ancestral_North_Eurasian 10.07 5 East_Asian 3.78 6...
  20. Wheal

    GEDMatch No Calls on Gedmatch results from ftDNA

    Does anyone here find one company more than another that will have high incidence of NoCalls? This is a sample of the kits that I manage: No-calls = 29514 = 4.1545549626197 percent. This kit has an unusually high number of no-calls, which usually results in a larger number of false matches...