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    Haplogroups DE & CF origins

    I will center this post on male lines since patriarchs and founding fathers are the responsible for creating nations and lead their clans during conquests. I will mention female lines too though. Around 50-70 thousand years ago, we have 2 "clans" of tribes, defined among other charachteristics...
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    12% of al-Andalus women are non-Spanish

    The moors seem to have brought very few women, and among those it's mostly slaves. This could be due to the locations, maybe if there are palaces slaves are overrepresented...
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    Ancient North Siberians

    https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/448829v1.full I wanted to comment on this paper, it shows something that striked me. Mal'ta site is already a very Eastern site for what you'd expect to be an ancestor of Europeans. It's in lake Baikal. But in this study, a 31k ya skeleton from the...