haplogroup u6

  1. M

    Haplogroup E from Arabia/Natufian ancestry

    I think I know why Basal Eurasian(BE), which comprised around half of Natufian(Mesolithic Levantines) ancestry, lack SIGNIFICANT Neanderthal admixture. BE would basically be haplotype E of an incoming group of men, which explains why it's around half of the ancestry, and also why has few...
  2. Maciamo

    New map of haplogroup U6 (mtDNA)

    I have finally found some time to make new maps. There are not so many left to make for top-level haplogroups found in Europe. Here is haplogroup U6, a lineage mostly found in Iberia, North Africa and around the Red Sea. The distribution pattern is fairly reminiscent of haplogroup L, which...
  3. Fire Haired14

    Improved knowledge of Northwest African mtDNA haplogroup U6

    Bernard Sechel 2014 is a dream come true for people who want to learn about mysterious and rare mtDNA haplogroup U6. They created a phylogenetic tree of U6 based on 230 complete U6 sequences(Download Additional file 2 to view the tree), with age estimates for nearly every little U6 clade...