Haplogroup E from Arabia/Natufian ancestry


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I think I know why Basal Eurasian(BE), which comprised around half of Natufian(Mesolithic Levantines) ancestry, lack SIGNIFICANT Neanderthal admixture.

BE would basically be haplotype E of an incoming group of men, which explains why it's around half of the ancestry, and also why has few Neanderthal admixture, EVEN IF THEY HAVE SOME.

You see, haplogroup E is supposed to be African, so even if it's normal to have few archaic DNA from any Eurasian species, that doesn't match the fact that there's some. Unless it's really Middle Eastener/Asian.

Remember E is related with Haplogroup D, which exists in the Far East, so an intermediate point of origin between east and west is the most probable explanation for its origin.
For some reason the population that carried E didn't mix a lot with Neanderthals, but did it enough to bring some of that DNA to several African populations.

Thus, the supposed 'back to Africa' event (suggested by that very same Neanderthal admixture) would really be the colonization by E bearers of Africa, rather than any back migration.

I suggest that the place of residence of E haplogroup during millenia is the Arabian Peninsula, a place still within Eurasia but outside the reach of Neanderthal populations.
And above all, a region close to the 2 places where it 'suddenly' appears, the Levant and Africa.

E could have come together in the Paleolithic with mitochondrial DNA M1, as well as introducing the presence of U in Africa through U6.

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