1. EV13SON

    Europe's Last Hunter Gatherers? Pitted Ware Culture

    Credit goes to Dan Davis just sharing his video, found some of the information interesting...
  2. Archetype0ne

    Asking Hunter-Gatherers Life's Toughest Questions

  3. Jovialis

    The resilience of postglacial hunter-gatherers to abrupt climate change

    Abstract Understanding the resilience of early societies to climate change is an essential part of exploring the environmental sensitivity of human populations. There is significant interest in the role of abrupt climate events as a driver of early Holocene human activity, but there are very...
  4. Jovialis

    Pleistocene/Holocene Transition Ballistics Technology of Hunter-Gatherers

    It's behind a paywall, but this article goes a little more in-depth.
  5. Jovialis

    Metabolism (Hunter & Farmer Traits) Results - Insitome

    According to this test by Insitome, half of my metabolic traits come from farmers; the other half from hunter-gatherers. I knew I could drink a lot of coffee! I would also adapt well to a vegetarian diet. ALDH2 ADH1B...
  6. LeBrok

    If you had to live like a hunter-gatherer what lifestyle and location would you pick?

    Would you be hunter-gatherer of the steppe, riding horses and eating horse meat, or further in time being steppe mammoth hunter, living in mammoth tusk tents? Would you be rather hunter gatherer of North Europe hunting deer in moderate climate forest, with your friend domesticated wolf "first...
  7. LeBrok

    Incredible speed of colonization by First Farmers, EEF.

    Whole Balkans were settled in just 300 years! Strontium isotopes document greater human mobility at the start of the Balkan Neolithic Farmers settled Thessaly around 8500 years ago and by 8200 they reached Danube Gorge...
  8. LeBrok

    Glacial effect on Paleolithic and Mesolithic population.

    I came upon a very interesting article and maps about the extent of Ice Age glaciers with enormous flood basins. Asia as we know it today didn't exist in the past. It was more of landscape of separate lands with huge seas between them and mountains of ice. Till pretty much the end of Ice Age...
  9. Maciamo

    Eurogenes New map of West European Hunter-Gatherer (WHG) admixture

    Here is the last of the three admixture maps based on Lazaridis et al. (2014) and Eurogenes. This map compares the genes of modern people to the DNA of a Mesolithic hunter-gatherer from the Loschbour cave in Luxembourg, who lived 8000 years ago and belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup I2a1b and mtDNA...
  10. LeBrok

    What We Inherited From Hunter Gatherers. (The genetic memory of the past).

    Did you ever asked yourself a question, why people behave in certain ways? Why it is so easy for boys to start a fight, or pretend they are knights or modern soldiers, and as a teenager volunteer for wars? Why there are generational conflicts? Why kids prefer breaks over classes? Why women...
  11. LeBrok

    Alcohol Dependency in Europe goes up with increased ANE admixture.

    Alcohol (ethanol) is a very potent mind altering substance, and has very addictive properties. Therefore, the question is, why some populations cope well with alcohol, which is a normal part of their culture, when others have rampant problem with alcoholism and considers alcohol as biggest...
  12. LeBrok

    Dogs domesticated over 20 thousands years ago in Europe.

    New DNA study of wolfs and dogs concluded that dogs were domesticated between 19 and 32 thousands years ago and most likely in Europe. It turned that dog was a best friend of a hunter first, not a farmer...
  13. LeBrok

    Were Hunter-Gatherers first communists?

    In principia and roughly, idea of communism applies to equal sharing of production of goods among group members and equally owning resources. By these standards H-G hunter-gatherers were communist by nature of their socio-economic settings (system). They went hunting together on land or forest...
  14. Maciamo

    Neolithic farmers: Southwest Europeans or West Asians ?

    Dienekes ran the fragments of autosomal DNA recovered from a Neolithic farmer buried in Sweden (dated 4800 to 4000 years before present). The results came up like this: Euro7 - 61.5% Northwestern European (Atlantic) - 21.4% Southeastern European - 17.1% Southwestern European 0% for the four...