1. R

    Continental 3B in Scotland Information Request

    First Post. I have an anglicised surname "McCubbin" from a patronymic gaelic name" Mac Giobúin," meaning son of Gilbert. Our family history association has found traces of this surname in records going back to the late 14th century, but spelled differently "M'Cubyn." We have roots in Ayrshire...
  2. A

    E-V22 , E-V13 and their relationship with Haplogroup I

    as far as i know the origins of E-V22 and E-V13 from Egypt and being part of the Levant and the Balkan , the Haplogroup I is also part of the Balkan , my interest is to understand the relation between both , if someone can provide any info please, the reason of my interest is because i have...
  3. Maciamo

    Author Stephen King belongs to Y-haplogroup I2a2a

    Stephen King, the famous author of horror storieshorror stories horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy, belongs to haplogroup I2a2a, apparently to the Y7272 deep clade (TMRCA 650 ybp according to Yfull), downstream of the Germanic branch Z161 and its S2364 subclade...
  4. Maciamo

    I2a2a (M223) found in Megalithic Spain

    All the attention about the new Haak et al. 2015 paper has been concentrated on the Yamna R1b. Nobody cared to notice another important discovery, the first ancient I2a2a1 (M223>CTS9183+) sample. They didn't test for M284 though, but L1195 was negative. So far all the Mesolithic and Neolithic...
  5. Maciamo

    Napoleon III was not related by blood to Napoleon I, and may be Talleyrand's grandson

    Lucotte et al. published in October 2013 the extended Y-STR of Napoleon I based on descendant testing, and the descendants were E-M34, just like the emperor's beard hair tested a year before. The persons tested were the patrilineal descendants of Jérome Bonaparte, one of Napoleon's brothers...
  6. Maciamo

    Estimating Germanic Y-DNA in Iberia

    Spain and Portugal are fairly well studied countries for Y-chromosomal lineages. Unfortunately no study so far has tested for the Germanic S21/U106 subclade of R1b, and few papers even distinguish subclades of I (those who did only tested for I2a1a-M26). I have analysed the raw data from Adams...
  7. G

    i2b1 Y-DNA Haplogroups

    Hello, My Y-DNA haplogroup is i2b1 - I am trying to do a family tree and am looking for any genetic matches who share my i2b1 haplogroup, especially those based in Europe. Please get in touch if you are my genetic match, would be great to hear more information about our shared ancestors and...