1. Jovialis

    US-Iran War? It seems like the USA is at war with Iran, much like the way Russia views it's war with Ukraine; "Special military operation". De facto war.
  2. Anfänger

    Southern Ancestry in "Steppe"

    We know from various studies that Yamnaya/Corded ware and Eneolithic Steppe(Progress/Vonyuchka) have a significant amount of southern ancestry, right now called CHG or CHG/Iran but we still don't know where it is exactly from. There are many suggestions, I try to summarize the two main...
  3. Jovialis

    Bronze to Iron Age Iranian Graves Discovered

    Archaeological excavations in a village in Isfahan province have led to the discovery of 12 graves, and remnants of the Bronze to Iron ages, grey pottery, and stone and agate beads. One of the excavation supervisors said the third stage of the explorations at Josheqan-e Estark village in the...
  4. R

    Saudi Arabia executes Shi'a cleric, protesters retaliate by burning embassy

    Article: Saudi Arabia has just executed a Shi'ite cleric accused of terrorism by Saudi Arabia but hailed as a hero by Iran. Protesters in Iran have retaliated by setting fire to the Saudi embassy in Tehran...
  5. Maciamo

    New map of haplogroup R1a-Z93 in Eurasia

    To complete the series of main R1a subclades here is the map of Z93 in Eurasia. I have tried to avoid colouring uninhabited regions (high mountains and deserts), but it may not be 100% accurate. Click on the map to get to the Y-DNA maps page, and click again to see a larger version.
  6. LeBrok

    Iranic words in European languages.

    Which European language is closest in relation to Iranic language? Perhaps this can help us to find missing tribes of Sarmatians and Scythians among modern populations.
  7. LeBrok

    Corded Ware / Iranic-Aryan split of IE?

    Thanks to this paper: and nice R1a maps: Can we see Z282 as Corded Ware culture and Z93 as Indo-Iranian? It could indicate Kazakhstan as Center of Iranic tribes before expansion to the South? South to Iran, Afghanistan...
  8. Atropat

    Which DNA testing company?

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member and I'm interested in learning more about both my paternal and maternal ancestry. I'm an Azerbaijani from Northwestern Iran (which borders the South Caucasus region = Armenia, Azerbaijan & Georgia). As far as I have heard in family discussions, it is probable...