1. M

    K1a1b1a from Spain/France,0 The oldest samples of the precurssor haplogroup of Askhenazis are from Neolithic France and Bronze/Iron Ages Spain.
  2. H

    my German Ashkenazi results K13

    West Asian seems little low do you think East and West Med could have gobbled it up? I know I seem quite Southern or MENA shifted but all my known Ancestors are from Western Germany and Northeast France and are only Ashkenazi. On the Jtest I am 38.83% Ashkenazi which is higher then most of us...
  3. Joker

    Resurrecting the Ancient Israelites From the Valley of Dry Bones, Dr Eran Elhaik

    Resurrecting the Ancient Israelites From the Valley of Dry Bones: Highlights:
  4. S

    How much East Med do you score?

    I’m trying to figure out whether a theory about my family history is credible or not, so I’d be interested to compare results for East Med scores on Eurogenes K13, Eurogenes K36, the Jtest and the EUtest. Also, let me know if you have any documented east Mediterranean ancestry (e.g. ⅛ Sicilian...
  5. L

    J2-L70-Z435 - theory that it is Israelite haplogroup

    I have a hope that this topic would not be classified as religious propaganda. It is about quite thought-provoking theory about one of straight male lineages. I suppose that existence of haplogroup J2-Z435 may be a proof of existence of characters from religious books. I coined a theory that...
  6. Maciamo

    Age and TMRCA of Jewish lineages by haplogroup

    Jewish people have a greater diversity of top-level haplogroups than almost any other ethnic/national group in Europe and the Middle East. However this diversity is illusive as for each haplogroup only some deep and very specific subclades are present among paternal Jewish lineages. The European...
  7. Maciamo

    Y-chromosomal analysis of common Jewish patronyms

    Using surname projects at FamilyTreeDNA, I have listed the dominant Y-DNA haplogroup for a series of common Jewish family names. Common alternative spellings are mentioned in brackets. Haplogroups that make up at least 50% of the total surnames in the project are in bold. Biblical lineages -...
  8. Maciamo

    One third to half of Ashkenazi Jews belong to mt-haplogroup K

    A new paper by Costa et al. analysed in detail the deep mitochondrial subclades of the Jewish population and compared them with European and Near Eastern sequences. Their conclusion is that over 80% of Jewish maternal lineages may be of European origin, and only 8.3% of clear Near Eastern...
  9. Maciamo

    New distribution map of haplogroup E-M123

    To complete the series of main E1b1b subclades after E-V13 and E-M81, here is the map of E-M123, the most Middle Eastern of the three clades. I admit that I am a bit at a loss regarding its origin in Europe. M123 doesn't appear to be related to Neolithic cultures in the Balkans, which are...
  10. Maciamo

    Is the high Jewish frequency of hg G representative of the pre-Arabic Levant ?

    There is little doubt now that haplogroup G was one of the main lineages of the people who spread agriculture from the Levant to the Middle East and Europe. Early farming arose in the Levant, and the highest genetic diversity for haplogroup G is also found in the Levant. The odd thing is that hg...
  11. W

    WHAT DOES MEAN ZERO in jewish haplogroup?

    It certainly doesn´t mean, that they are not jews and arabians, moreover they tend to keep their societies in endogammy. Is the analysis trusted? What exactly do you want to say by it? Why you are searching for "miraculous" disparition of the impact of middle-asia invasion just because the...