1. LeBrok

    Free and independent Kurdistan is coming soon.

    When "brilliant" George Bush invaded Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein he unleashed ethnic and religious forces who were kept in check by Saddam. Under recent Iraqi Government these forces couldn't or didn't want to find a middle ground under Iraqis fragile democracy. We also should blame Great...
  2. A

    Kurdish yDNA from some participaters we have so far.

    An update was made. Now we got another individual who came out as R1a1a* 1x E1b1b1c1a (Alevi Kurmanji from Turkey) 1x G2a (Alevi Kurmanji from Turkey) 2x J1 (Feyli, originally from Iran) 1x J1c3 (Sorani from Iran) 1x J2 (Kurmanji from Turkey) 1x J2a3a (J2a1a at 23andme; J2a4a at ISOGG 2009; he...
  3. KurdishAryan

    Did you know that Kurds(Kurdish PeoPle) are Europeans?

    hi guys.. here i want to tell you some informations about Kurds.. here: Kurds are a nation/PeoPle of " unofficial "Kurdia/Kurdistan state and "official " PeoPle of Kurdia/Kurdistan settlement area . Language: Kurdish ,is an indoeuroPean language. more info of kurdish language here ...