1. A. Tamar Chabadi

    Two relatively recent papers on the Caucasus (I haven't seen them posted here)

    Mol Biol Evol (2011) doi: 10.1093/molbev/msr126 Parallel Evolution of Genes and Languages in the Caucasus Region Oleg Balanovsky1,2,*, Khadizhat Dibirova1,*, Anna Dybo3, Oleg Mudrak4, Svetlana Frolova1, Elvira Pocheshkhova5, Marc Haber6, Daniel Platt7, Theodore Schurr8, Wolfgang Haak9...
  2. LeBrok

    Is complexity of grammar pointing to roots of a language?

    I have asked myself a question, why grammar of many modern languages is simpler, sometimes much simpler, when compared to their root language? English has a very simple grammar compared to its most influential source of Germanic family of Anglo-Saxon. Romance languages are grammatically...
  3. edao

    Amusing use of language

    'Dundee United' is Nigerian slang for 'idiot' A BBC documentary into life in Lagos, Nigeria has uncovered an unusual term used by locals to mean a person with no sense – “Dundee United”. Article