1. Anfänger

    Genetic discontinuity in a Medieval Sicilian community (Abstract)

  2. Coriolan

    Recreating historical battles in cinematic HD with Total War

    A friend of mine is starting a new YouTube channel (Sons of Mars) to explain famous historical battles using video scenes he shot while playing Total War in high definition and edited with a special programme. He plans to recreate mostly battles from the Antiquity and teh Middle Ages. It looks...
  3. Archetype0ne

    Genomic and isotopic studies shed light into the mobility of medieval individuals CE

    Courtesy of Waldermar, Polish-Pomeranian member over at Anthrogenica. I found the similarity maps reminiscent of a Lazaridis paper. Also quite interesting, confirming some suspicions I have held. On whether all the samples are Slavic he replied: "In Radom, Grodowice and Detkovice, most...
  4. Maciamo

    Genetic analysis of Early Medieval Germanic tribes

    I long wanted to compare the genomes of various Germanic tribes to see how similar they were with each others and how much they resembled modern Europeans. I have started doing it here with an analysis of Lombard, Anglo-Saxon, Suebi/Alemanni and Ostrogothic genomes. In short, Lombards and...
  5. Maciamo

    Where do Medieval Italian samples from Antonio et al. 2019 come from?

    Using the Dodecad K12b data provided by Jovialis's Ancient Rome Test v1.0, I ran each Medieval sample separately against modern populations. As Angela pointed out, many of the skeletons from the Latium region that were tested may have been pilgrims from other parts of Italy or Europe. This...
  6. Jovialis

    300 medieval skeletons and artifacts dug up in Ypres

    Last week’s discovery of a large number of remains of World War One casualties at an archaeological dig in Wijtschate in the region of Ypres in West Flanders has been followed by another discovery – the unearthing of more than 300 skeletons and many more artefacts from the Middle Ages, in Ypres...
  7. Jovialis

    Medieval graffiti: the lost voices of England’s churches in the Middle Ages

    From beasts and demons to Latin prayers for the dead, the walls of England's medieval churches and cathedrals are covered with inscriptions and doodles. But what do they tell us about the Middle Ages? In his 2015 book, Medieval Graffiti, archaeologist and leading expert Matthew Champion explores...
  8. Jovialis

    Research reveals origins of Middle Ages altarpieces

    It was previously believed that altarpieces from the late Middle Ages were made in Germany. New research shows that several of them were made in Norway. Altarpieces from the Middle Ages are a feature of many churches along the coast of Norway. They are often called Lübeck altarpieces, because...
  9. Maciamo

    Medieval European inventions that improved productivity

    The Middle Ages are often described as a Dark Age between the advanced ancient civilisations like the Romans and the Greeks and the European Renaissance. Yet few people seem to realise that technology continued to progress about as fast as during Roman times throughout the Middle Ages. In fact...