1. Jovialis

    DNA to solve mystery of Napoleon's general lost in Russia

    Archaeologists are set to unveil the answer to a 200-year-old question over the remains of a French general who died during Napoleon's 1812 campaign in Russia. Charles Etienne Gudin was hit by a cannonball in the Battle of Valutino on August 19 near Smolensk, a city west of Moscow close to the...
  2. RHAS

    J2-M172 Y-DNA found among remnants of Napoleons army in Kassel, Germany.

    6 Y-DNA J2 Found in Napoleons Army! "The greatest similarities revealed by Y-haplogroup and haplotype distribution were to populations that live in what are now the Benelux countries or the Alsace, supporting the theory that the individuals indeed were part of Napoleonic troops." Das Leben in...
  3. Maciamo

    Napoleon III was not related by blood to Napoleon I, and may be Talleyrand's grandson

    Lucotte et al. published in October 2013 the extended Y-STR of Napoleon I based on descendant testing, and the descendants were E-M34, just like the emperor's beard hair tested a year before. The persons tested were the patrilineal descendants of Jérome Bonaparte, one of Napoleon's brothers...
  4. Maciamo

    Did the Roman Empire really end with WWI ?

    It may come as a surprise to most people, but from a historian's point of view it makes perfect sense to say that the Roman Empire truly cease to exist in 1918, when the German Empire, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires were dismantled. Let me explain. The Romans founded Europe's first...
  5. A

    Question : Rapport haplogroupe et type physique

    Bonjour à tous. Des années que je navigue sur ce site. Une mine d'information et trop peu d'articles en français malheureusement. Mon anglais est trop sommaire et je n'ai jamais pu trouver de réponse à une question que je me pose. On fait associer en génétique des populations certains YDNA...
  6. edao

    Who killed Napoleon?

    "It was three a.m. Longwood House was quiet and still. The dark-clad man held his candle over the open crate of bottles. He removed one, looked at the label — Vin d'Empereur — and with a gloved hand wiped away the thin layer of dust. Carefully, he extracted the cork. From his jacket pocket, he...