near east

  1. Maciamo

    Evolution of genetic admixtures by region

    The work on the K12b admixture by historical culture gave me the idea to show the evolution of genetic admixtures over time by region. I have started with the Near East and East Mediterranean.
  2. Jovialis

    Meteorites Were the Origin of All Things Iron Predating the Iron Age Abstract Bronze Age iron artifacts could be derived from either meteoritic (extraterrestrial) or smelted (terrestrial) iron. This unresolved question is the subject of a controversy: are some, all or none made of...
  3. LeBrok

    A perfect storm coming to Near East!

    There is a great setup for a perfect storm in Near East. All the elements are in place, the only question is how much appetite for a war all sides will have. 1. The power brokers, Iran and Saudis, are at all time high aggressive mode. They are already engaged in proxy war with each other. Shia...
  4. Maciamo

    Just how important were Y-haplogroups E-M34, J1 and T in the LBK culture ?

    At present, ancient Y-DNA tests have only confirmed the presence of haplogroups G2a and F among the remains of Neolithic farmers from the Linear Pottery culture (LBK) in Central Europe. Elsewhere, only G2a and E-V13 have been found, besides the Mesolithic lineage I2a. Most people now agree that...
  5. LeBrok

    Muslims voted for preferred dress code for women. I'm glad there is no appetite even in Near East for Burka, although the next option is preferred in Saudi Arabia. Lebanon, no surprise, and Turkey are more liberal. Now this is...
  6. Maciamo

    Who destroyed the Uruk culture circa 3100 BCE ?

    The Sumerian civilization in southern Mesopotamia arose circa 4500 BCE with the foundation of Eridu, the world's first city. Enigmatic speakers of a language isolate, the Sumerians played a leading role in the development of Near Eastern civilizations. They developed the first city-states...