1. edao

    Do you believe in a God(s)?

    It would be interesting to see how many people believe in a god but perhaps don't follow a formal religion.
  2. edao

    Politics Politics and Religion

    I thought to be in a member of the EU you had to clearly seperate religion from the state, but I keep seeing political parties called: - Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams - Belgium - Christian Democratic Union of Germany (Angela Merkel) - Christian Democratic Party - Norway - The Christian...
  3. edao

    Easter anyone?

    Do you regard Easter as a religious holiday? To be more specific do you go to church or regard it as anything more than time off work? Most people I know give little regard for the religious side to this holiday, I am curious to see how many people around Europe take their religion seriously?
  4. Tautalos

    Religion The Return of the European Religions

    In Vilnius-Lithuania there was held on 20-24th June 1998 the World Pagan Congress. A lot of traditional-religious groups were represented: France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norwegan, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Estonia, Letonia, Russia, Ukrainia, India, USA... We've discussed about...