1. JajarBingan

    Southeast Europe: Neolithic to Modern days transition

    I put together a PCA map, which documents the autosomal profile of the released academic samples who are relevant to Southeast Europe. This is the timeline of how your ancestors looked like from an autosomal POV during different time periods. We are missing a lot of data still, but some...
  2. JajarBingan

    Global 10 nMonte with Ancients: My results

    I played around with nMonte and Global 10. Managed to get some pretty small distances in the end. Though, we need Bronze Age and Iron Age genomes from Southeastern Europe for a better accuracy. Background (results with commercial calculators): 23andme FTDNA MyHeritage DNA Land Global...
  3. Maciamo

    More genomes from Mesolithic Romania and Spain (Gonzales-Fortes et al. 2017)

    It's relatively small paper compared to the mastodons published earlier this month, but nevertheless interesting. Paleogenomic Evidence for Multi-generational Mixing between Neolithic Farmers and Mesolithic Hunter-Gatherers in the Lower Danube Basin (extended PDF with supplementary materials...
  4. G

    L3D3 or H5

    Hi, I participated in a mtDNA study and my results are L3D3 or H5,with the explanation that, given the fact that I am Romanian, H5 is the haplogroup that characterises me (H5 being dominant in Romania), but also, given my mutations, I can be situated in L3D3 haplogroup. What does this means...