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  1. Maciamo

    Retracing Agnes of Antioch's mtDNA lineage (haplogroup H1)

    Olasz et al. (2018) tested the DNA of King Bela III of Hungary. They also tested the mtDNA lineage of his wife, Agnes of Antioch, which was identified as H1 (either H1j8 or H1bz). We can trace her mtDNA through her matrilineal ancestors, then go down again on the daughter lines. Agnes of...
  2. Maciamo

    New page dedicated to famous members of mtDNA haplogroups

    I have been wanting to make this page for a while. It's now ready. Famous people's mtDNA listed by haplogroup
  3. Maciamo

    Half of the people with the surname Stuart or Stewart descend from royalty

    According to the genetic genealogy testing company BritainsDNA, about 50% of the 70,000 people who carry the surname Stuart or Stewart in the UK or Ireland descend from the Royal House of Stewart. The company tested the descendants of James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland (c.1243-1309)...
  4. Maciamo

    Kings of France may have been R1b-U106 after all (rather than G2a3b1)

    A new study by Larmuseau et al. (2013) from Leuven University in Belgium (the same team behind the Brabant Y-DNA Project) tested the Y-DNA of three living members of the House of Bourbon, one descending from Louis XIII of France and two from Philip V of Spain (himself a grandson of Louis XIV)...
  5. Maciamo

    Retracing the mtDNA genealogy of Nicholas II of Russia (haplogroup T2)

    As already reported in Haplogroups of European kings and queens, Knight et al. (2004) tested the DNA Czar Nicholas II of Russia, who was identified as a member of Y-DNA haplogroup R1b and mtDNA haplogroup T2. Far from being Russian, the czar's matrilineal lineage is overwhelmingly Germanic...
  6. Maciamo

    Prince William belongs to Indian mtDNA haplogroup R30b

    It's all over the news. Prince William, the heir to the British throne, has some Indian blood, inherited through his his great-great-great-great-great grandmother, Eliza Newark. She was the housekeeper of Theodore Forbes (1788-1820), a Scot who worked for the East India Company in the port city...