1. G

    Done 10-day Free Vipassana Meditation Course-Experience TRUE peace FIRST time in life

    Hello All, I am so excited and have a pleasure to express my gratitude, on advise of whom I have done this 10-day "Vipassana" Meditation Retreat course(18-Dec-2013 to 28-Dec-2013). For my full life I was trying to search peace in nature, mountains, rivers, rafting, scuba diving, landscapes...
  2. LeBrok

    Do you think that smart society of the future (by Eugenics) will be more atheist?

    Assuming that scientists are the smartest of us all, their spirituality or rather lack of it, can point us to the character of future society. I'm almost certain that in future people will make kids in hospitals or labs by gene manipulation, rather than risking sick or mediocre child made...
  3. Rainbow Warrior

    The Hopi Tablets - a gift to a world in need of a vision

    The Hopi believe their Creator and ancestors have endowed them with the responsibility of assisting the world when a time of grave crisis arrives, to restore its former glory. In presenting the Hopi tablets to the world, the Hopi believe that time of crisis, hope and restoration is now. The...
  4. LeBrok

    Beliefs Explained

    I gave the beliefs a little bit more thought and I think I have the answer. The answer actually turned to be more prosaic than I expected, but regardless, here it is. Beliefs fall into same category of human condition, as Feelings and Trust. To help us make decisions in our lives according to...
  5. LeBrok

    Beliefs, Spirituality, and why we believe.

    I would like to present couple of articles I wrote about beliefs, spirituality and possible origin of both. In future I will expend them and link to relevant research papers.