Done 10-day Free Vipassana Meditation Course-Experience TRUE peace FIRST time in life

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Hello All,
I am so excited and have a pleasure to express my gratitude, on advise of whom I have done this 10-day "Vipassana" Meditation Retreat course(18-Dec-2013 to 28-Dec-2013).

For my full life I was trying to search peace in nature, mountains, rivers, rafting, scuba diving, landscapes, trekking etc. No doubt, they have provided a pleasure of scenic beauty and calmness experience for that time when I was there with them. But, after coming back to daily schedule, life was back with full of anger, madness, jealousy and the list goes on.

With this wonderful 10-day "Vipassana" meditation retreat course, I had scruplously done true meditation in its purest form for around 95 hours maintaining "Noble Silence" . Other scenic beauty and adventurous activities had played their importance of some temporary peace, however, I am so happy now that I have felt the TRUE peace, harmony for FIRST time in my life. And that too within me.. all the time.Last two things:
  1. As the noble master told there: - "Welcome to Kindergarten of happiness. No doubt, it is path of thousand miles, but first step is most important and toughest one."
  2. The course is absolutely FREE, all your lodging, food, facility. One does NOT have to pay even a single penny.

My best wishes, for everyone who will take this wonderful experience sooner or later in life.

Your friend.

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