1. R

    Got my Y-Haplogroup + Subclade and wanna dig deeper, now what? (For dummies)

    I recently did my LivingDNA-test (which was my first ever DNA-test) and got assigned the Y-haplogroup G2a + the subclade P303. Now just by scrolling through Europedia I noticed that P303 among many (most?) people trickles down even further than this, and since it lists on Yfull as having "formed...
  2. R

    23andMe reconstitute subclades

    Hi, new; lots of great info here. Like most, I'm somewhat perturbed that 23&moi omitted the subclades from your report and only offer the broad haplogroups. I've fooled around w gedmatch and looked at promethease, but I'm more interested in knowing my specific subgroups. How can this be...
  3. Maciamo

    Haplogroup nicknames attributed by BritainsDNA

    BritainsDNA is the only testing (AFAIK) that ventures to attribute nicknames to haplogroups and common subclades based on ancient ethnic groups, tribes or geographic regions. This can be a hazardous business as it is quite challenging to find a short moniker that accurately describes the origins...
  4. N

    R1b question...

    I don't know much about the more specific lines of R1b. Would one of the experts know what this means... R1b1a2a1a1b4 One site says this is L238 and another indicates L21-M529-S145-L459 which seems like a bit of a distance both genetically and geographically. Any help is appreciated.