Got my Y-Haplogroup + Subclade and wanna dig deeper, now what? (For dummies)


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I recently did my LivingDNA-test (which was my first ever DNA-test) and got assigned the Y-haplogroup G2a + the subclade P303. Now just by scrolling through Europedia I noticed that P303 among many (most?) people trickles down even further than this, and since it lists on Yfull as having "formed 14700 ybp, TMRCA 11800 ybp" I'd love to see if I could assign myself to a subclade a bit closer to the present, let's say post-Bronze Age.

But what companies and test should I choose to do this? FTDNA Y37? Y67? Y111? (what would the difference be?)
Or is this assignation from LivingDNA a signal that I'd probably test negative for any other subclades?

FTDNA's Y-test looks promising, and I've seen alot of people posting about FullY and BigY (without fully understanding it, looks too expensive for a poor student anyways). I did ask FTDNA-support the above mentioned question, but alas after multible emails back and forth, they had a difficulty in both in understanding what I was looking for and explaining things to me in terms that I can understand, so no real answers there.

Please if someone could advice me on this, or link me to an existing post if I've overlooked something, thanks.
If I understand what you are wanting, FTDNA's Big Y test will be able to bring you much closer to present...they also have a pretty good sale now thru New Years at about $425 usually ~ $550.
To access Big Y, you need to buy Y37, Y67 or Y111. Y37 should enough for your need. STPs (short tandem repeats) are more useful for close genealogy. SNPs will give you a sharper haplogroup and that's where you need Big Y.

So the way to do this is:

1) you check for coupons in the yDNA 12/37/67/111 column:

2) You buy Y-37. They are through the end of the year holiday discount, so it's $129, plus the 20$ coupon you found with link, it's $109 for you.

3) You wait for the kit to come by mail, you swab then you mail back.

4) You wait for FTDNA to send you an email stating they got your sample.

5) You now should be able to upgrade (you don't have to wait for the result), the Upgrade button should appear on you profile. Time to dig for another coupon, one for BigY column this time.

6) You buy Big Y upgrade at $475, using your coupon code (I only see $25 coupon right now) you get BigY for $450.

So for $559 you can get your terminal subclade, or confirm you are P303*.

If you are short on cash right now, you can just buy Y37 this year and wait next year for BigY. Then, if you are lucky, you'll have close matches who did BigY and can assume you share the same subclade.
Currently there is Holiday sale on FTDNA, you should start with Y37, that will be enough for the first test, in my opinion.
Think I just saw where FTDNA will do free 111 marker test results with the Big Y purchase...Damn good deal if so!!!
Thanks everyone! (with an extra shout-out to Moi-même for the golden response). It'll be difficult to cough up $559 on such a short notice but I'll definitely order myself a Y37 kit right away using these coupons. Who knows though, Christmas is coming up after all. At least now I know what I need to do to get that terminal subclade. Those $20 coupons are really scarce, seems like I'm gonna have to keep my eyes on this sheet for a couple of days.

Have a nice weekend everyone :)

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