1. F

    G25 Official G25 Coordinates from Tuscans(Divided by Origin)

    Only good coverage samples(no outlier): From Florence(A village near to Florence - info from the dataset)...
  2. Jovialis

    K12b Variation of Ancestry in Posth et al. 2021's Imperial C. Italy cluster

    I have compared the 6 individuals that compose the Imperial cluster of Posth et al. 2021, to Antonio et al. 2019's populations. In the Antonio paper, it was verified that the 48 Imperial cluster individuals was divided into several different ethnic groups, (i.e. (C6) Central Mediterranean, (C5)...
  3. M

    Where are Italian reference populations from?

    I had a specific question regarding reference populations. I notice that virtually all third party comparison sites (mytrueancestry, gedmatch and its attendant Eurogenes and Dodecad calculators) use reference populations to which we may compare our ancestry. My question is, specifically, which...
  4. A

    LivingDNA Mix Near East result coupled w/ Tuscany & Aegean

    I got my Living DNA results last week but I find lack of sub-regional detail for Near East slightly disappointing. Wonder when they will improve details for these regions. Near East 79.2% - Armenia & Cyprus 27.2% - North Turkey 24.8% - Levant 23.3% - Arabia 3.9% Europe 18% - Tuscany 11.9% -...
  5. Jovialis

    Dig site in Tuscany reveals Neanderthals used fire to make tools

    A team of researchers from several institutions in Italy has found evidence of Neanderthals using fire to craft tools approximately 171,000 years ago. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group outlines where the naturally preserved wood artifacts were...
  6. GeoFan

    J1 and Northern Italy (Tuscany)

    Hello Eupedia, this is my 1st post. I found this forum by searching Google for info on my: Northern Italian (Tuscan) Paternal J1 haplogroup. Any helpful hints? My father, paternal grandfather, and great-grandfather all had Tuscan roots. (Any other TSI: Toscans in Italy, J1?) My paternal...
  7. Angela

    A Genome-Wide Study of Modern-Day Tuscans: Revisiting Herodotus's Theory on the Origi

    I just gave this paper a quick run through. I may change my mind after a more thorough analysis, but I think they may have gotten it wrong. Again...even with whole genomes. It's not to say that the conclusion is necessarily incorrect. It's just to say that their analysis doesn't prove it. You...