1. T

    Russia Ukraine War

    How the Europe Union and NATO pathetic behavior with Ukraine. Ukraine already willing to join eu and NATO and America make many promises with Ukraine but during the war America and NATO didn't help Ukraine. It's time for the world to understand the Hypocritical attitude of America. In history...
  2. Echetlaeus

    The impact of Asian "barbarism" in the European continent: thoughts

    European history is strongly related to that of Asia. Numerous times in the past there was a clash of civilizations and many people lost their lives during these conflicts. Many have been referring to these events as the "barbarism" of Asia. What do you think about it? Has this contact between...
  3. LeBrok

    Politics Should Crimea be an independent country? (Russian-Ukrainian conflict)

    Due to recent protests in Ukraine and escape of president Yankovich, short of domestic war, the problem of Crimea is coming to the front. If Ukraine has dual personality (pro European/pro Russian), the Crimea has multiple personality disorder. It belongs to Ukraine but has fairly independent...
  4. toyomotor

    Senseless Medievil Battle Tactics

    When watching movies of battles, anywhere from the medieval to the 19th Century, I'm amazed at the senseless tactics used. Both sides line up a certain distance apart facing each other, and shoot arrows at each other, then they charge into a headlong melee. Sometimes, as in ancient Roman times...
  5. edao

    Politics Should Europeans get involved in Libya?

    Yesterday the French, British and Americans have AGAIN gone to war. We have already seen from Iraq and Afghanistan that the politcal and cultural problems in the Arab world cannot be solved by taking a dicatator out of power and setting up some ballot boxes. What can "the West" possibly hope...
  6. edao

    Who are the most aggressive Nation?

    Who are the most aggressive Nation? Which country has started the most number of wars? Do you think Europeans more agressive than other racial groups?
  7. LeBrok

    South versus North Korea.

    Oops they did it again. Another unprovoked attack on South Korea by the North Korean's communist regime has happened recently in form of artillery and rocket barrage, aimed at one of South Korea's island. Can someone explain why South Korea didn't finish North Korea few years ago???!!! The...