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    Greek Jewish Y-DNA

    Sample size N #: 133 E1b1b1: 18.5% G: 14.8% J1: 14.8% J2: 7.4% Q: 11.1% R1a1a: 11.1% R1b1a: 11.1% T: 7.4% L: 3.7% E & J account for 41.0% of the total. K2b-P-QR* accounts for 33.3%. K* accounts for 44.4%. J accounts for 22.2% the rest are 77.8%.
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    German / Bulgaria J-FTC79873 Who are we?

    Hello, my FTDNA Y DNA kit # is 369210, and Haplogroup # is J-FTC79873. I have been on FTDNA for years with no Y-DNA matches but one my brother. Bought the Big Y over a year ago with no matches. My biological surname is Engelhorn with solid paper trail in Germany back to the early 1500's. Rumor...