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Thread: Study shows that IQ decreases with religiosity

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    I don't agree. Atheists do not have a religion, that is nothing that can equate to a faith or religion. Most people have some sort of religious beliefs even the dreaded, and dreadful SJW folk, it is just nominal or wishy-washy, it is still religious.

    I can only speak for myself, every religious person I have known, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu... were assholes and stupid. All I care about is that they and I, live and let live. If they want to carry a statue around the town as they do in Malta, or put tea lights into tiny boats as they do in other places, let them. It won't improve their I.Q one bit but may stop them running Amok.

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    Well it's quite simple. When you sacrifice your analytical mind to believe things you can't realize on your own it sets a dangerous precedent. This isn't just for those that are religious. This is rampant in the Scientific community too.

    Realization > Revelation

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