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Thread: Phenotypes of the Greeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Philip View Post
    Sorry for the off topic:
    I posted my classfication thread in Anthropology & Ethnology section and got no answers, did I post in the wrong section?

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    Can someone help me please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jovialis View Post
    According to who? Cretans have more of an affinity to Caucasus populations, due to the relatively higher amount brought by populations like the Minoans, and previous populations. Not to mention high Anatolian_N. Middle Eastern populations have significant amounts of Anatolian_N, and CHG. The main difference is the levant has a lot of Natufian. This component is not significant in Crete, as shown that the Arab invasion left little to no trace according to the study. So if they look similar, it is not due to levantine related populations, but Caucasus and Anatolian_N; which are also present in the rest of Europe btw. Which is also why some Near East populations, look "white". Moreover, the Levant has small but amount of SSA which is not in Crete.
    Middle Eastern people of our days have also Caucasus influence, even if I agree with you as a whole; but it doesn't means Mineiro25 is wrong: he speaks of certain people, not of the average pop. Plus: Levant farmers were already very different of what were the Natufians, metrically speaking. At the individual level I find very surprising persons even among genuine Breton neighbours, very far from the more common types we can find among Bretons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Philip View Post
    Of one thing i'm sure: greeks largely overlap with us (italians)

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    Si Seniore !

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